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- Immersive performance concept -
May 2023
refractions map

An immersive performative space concept developed in collaboration with a scriptwriter Max Kyte.

for the Loco Klub ash tunnels space.

A free to roam immersive interactive environment where numerous storylines interlace across multiple rooms inhabited by vibrant characters, each of whom exists as an inseparable whole with their surroundings.

Enter through the lens portal and transport yourself to a realm of varying viewpoints,

offering different perspectives on the everyday — But not before you take a good look at yourself first!

Artist's Studio
Munkford costume design
Deep in the cities heart but simultaneously somewhere else entirely, Munkford lives in a dream world of light and poetry where the ignorance of beauty may come at a price.

The Artist's Studio

Measurements, precision, and objective truth. Let science lead the way through this room and experience the life of Aymond. Facts may be comforting, but does it feel like a trap to exist in a world of pure logic.

The Doctor's Lab

Dark rooms. Creaking corridors. The lack of responsibility and the desire to become nothing. This house isn't what people would call home, but for Attia, peace comes at a simple cost when everything outside is much more demanding.

The Hidden Home

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